Privacy Statement does not release any information from customers to any 3rd party organization.

Mailing Lists does not maintain any mailing lists of our customers, electronic or otherwise.

100% Clean Downloads

Only the files necessary to play our game are installed on your computer. Our games do not modify your computer's operating system files in any manner.

Web Site

The domain does not contain any 3rd party ads, nor are any cookies required while browsing our web pages. IP addresses collected in our web server log are used to compile general geographic statistics and are not used to identify individual users.


If you are receiving spam that appears to be from a address, you are receiving virus-generated mailings from an infected family, friend, or business associate's computer — or a 3rd party is falsely using our address (yes, this does happen on the Internet). The domain itself generates no spam. GamesForOne has measures in place to minimize such false usage of our name, and we attempt to stay informed about any new mechanisms of protection, but false email messages may still circulate. does not send out unsolicited messages regarding "account expiration", "password updates", or any similar warning. Such unsolicited warnings are likely phishing attempts and should be ignored.

If You Place an Order

If you place an order for a product using an ordering link, you will be providing information to FastSpring which handles all of our credit card and wire transfer transactions. never receives, nor stores, your credit card or bank account number. is assured by FastSpring and Register Now that your personal information will not be forwarded to any 3rd party. We have received no complaints to date of any such abuse by our payment processors.

If you choose the PayPal or Google payment option, please note that your information will be subject to the privacy policies of PayPal and Google which are beyond the control of